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#1 2015-09-15 17:59:41

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A couple of more issues related to the search options


I just discovered a couple of more issues related to the search options, which you may want to have a look at.

First the navbar search returns a broken URL, in my case like:


and it seems to be due to a wrong value in the action attribute of the opening tag of the form element (root of installation>featherbb>View>header.php, line 156, as of the present development version at GitHub). Presumeably the form tag should read something like:

<form method="get" action="<?php echo Url::base(); ?>/search/" class="nav-search">

and not:

<form method="get" action="/search" class="nav-search">

Secondly, the [New posts] link attached to the forum names on the front page (visible when you're logged in) apparently returns a wrong URL (error; page not found), in my case like:


It seems to me that this is due to a typo on: root-of-installation/featherbb/Model/index.php, line 183 (as of the present development version):

$forum_field_new = '<span class="newtext">[ <a href="'.$this->feather->urlFor('quickSearch', ['show' => '?action=show_new&amp;fid='.$cur_forum->fid]).'">'.__('New posts').'</a> ]</span>';

The search seems to work as expected and returns the appropriate topics with:

$forum_field_new = '<span class="newtext">[ <a href="'.$this->feather->urlFor('quickSearch', ['show' => 'new&amp;fid='.$cur_forum->fid]).'">'.__('New posts').'</a> ]</span>';



#2 2015-09-16 16:34:17

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Re: A couple of more issues related to the search options


We probably will change quick searches later to get rid of those ugly "?fid=X" in urls, but meanwhile your patch works perfectly, thank you ! Plugins branch has been updated with the fix, Development will follow soon.


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