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#1 2015-09-08 22:05:25

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New categorioes not regognized in the add-forum-panel

Let me just first congratulate you and your team with the job done so far. IMO you are heading in the right direction with the way you are refactoring fluxbb, with a clear-cut MVC structure and hooks/plugins to extend the forum. I'm sure it has the potential to become a worthy successor of fluxbb. Smile

FYI, I downloaded and made a clean installation of the master branch, but I had some problems. I created a few new categories and they showed up nicely in the category panel of the admin, but they did not appear at the front end nor in the drop down field of the add-forum panel. I then hooked the installation up to a fluxbb database and the new categories showed up at the front end, but I got an error when trying to access the add-forum page of the admin:

Type: ErrorException
Code: 8
Message: Undefined variable: is_forum
File: /var/www/html/featherbb/view/admin/forums/admin_forums.php
Line: 22

Looking forward to the beta-3 version! Smile



#2 2015-09-09 09:20:30

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Re: New categorioes not regognized in the add-forum-panel


This is an old bug, patched in branches other than master Smile


Thanks for the report anyway !


#3 2015-09-09 17:16:44

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Re: New categorioes not regognized in the add-forum-panel

beaver is right.

Beta 3 will be released tonight if everything's fine.

Thanks for your support!


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